Play cluedo

play cluedo

Here's how to play the game of Clue. Cluedo - The classic murder mystery! - Duration: uzair. How to Play Cluedo /Clue. Cluedo or Clue is a popular board game originally produced by Parker Brothers. It has been a family favorite for generations. The classic board game is back with a new look and feel! Play the iPhone™/iPod ® touch game from EA Mobile and try to solve the mysterious murder of a.


How to Play Clue "Cluedo" Miss Scarlet always goes first in Clue, so whoever is using her game token will roll the dice first and card games online hearts play passes to the left. If this happens, instead of rolling the die or taking the secret passage on your next turn, you can simply make a suggestion in your current room. Your fellow players would then search their cards for this suspect, room, and weapon. If your accusation is correct, then you win the game! When it's your turn again, you can move to a different room. Things You'll Need Clue.

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Other cool sites Tablet Games iPad Games Dating Games Zylom Game. Place the murder weapons in rooms randomly, no more than one per room. Make sure that you choose a game surface that all of your players can sit around and access the game board with ease. Make sure that you keep these cards face down so that no one can see them. Search for original AND new weapons like a Razor, Poison, a Candlestick and a Pistol!


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